Students & Friends

Welcome to the “hidden” page.  It’s primarily designed to benefit students actively engaged in horological training at any of the various teaching institutions around the US.  Here’s how I’m planning it will work:

  • Look at the items on my new eCommerce website and if you want something you just need to send me an email or use the Contact Us page and let me know.
  • The prices shown are typically negotiable and I promise to not be offended by offers, I’ll just tell you whether or not I can go there.
  • At any point in time I probably have several hundred “running” watches available to sell, all of which would make great projects – just ask.
  • As any point in time I have hundreds of thousands of watch parts available and I will offer them at a discount if you tell me where you are training within your request.

Please don’t hesitate to send us a note through the contact forms on either of our websites and we’ll try our hardest to help you with whatever you need.