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Welcome to Jewelers Liquidation.

JEWELERS LIQUIDATION is always looking for opportunities to aid watchmakers, collectors, jewelers & stores, estates or families seeking to sell or liquidate anything jewelry, watch related or horological. We consider collections from a few items to entire businesses and we don’t just pick select items; WE CAN BUY IT ALL. Specializing in services in the Central & Western US since 1984.Always Buying, Always Selling.”

What we’re buying.

In a given year we generally acquire or assist liquidating about one jewelry related business per quarter, or an average of about four per year.  While we’re always interested in discussing these opportunities we do schedule them carefully so we can focus on them completely and take the time necessary to provider a proper assessment and/or a successful bid.  In the meantime, some of the smaller things we’re specifically looking for right now include watch graveyards, movements, cases, parts, etc, as well as specialized watch tools, especially those in original boxes. If you have any of these items please give us a shout and see how much they might be worth. Just remember, when describing items of a vintage nature, especially those that might be unfamiliar to you, a picture is worth a thousand words. Several pictures are worth even more.  Check the BUYING page for more details.

What we’re selling.

While we had been selling through this site for several years now the volume of sales necessitated a dramatic change in approach so all selling has been moved to Vintage Time Parts; https://www.vintagetimeparts.com. There you will find a full eCommerce website where you can select inventory items or request items from our vast stock of vintage time parts. Please take a look and be sure to bookmark the site once you get there for all of your vintage horological needs.

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