Jewelers Liquidation is always buying.  As indicated on our HOME page we routinely help everyone from collectors looking to thin their collection to businesses looking to liquidate.  And while we don’t see it as often as we have in the past we invite estate executors, law offices, estate liquidators or auction houses to contact us to see how we can help.  Our services include an assessment of value based on information you provide, and if the items warrant it, an in-person inventory which we will leave whether we purchase your items or not.

Here is just a sample of what we buy and where we’ve bought it;

  • Redmond, Washington – Watch Hobbyist Estate
  • Medford, Oregon – Remains of Watchmakers Estate (thanks Ken)
  • Pendleton, Oregon – Complete Watchmakers Estate (thanks Wayne)
  • Salem, Oregon – Watchmakers Estate in storage since 1976
  • Wenatchee, Washington – Complete Watch Repair business
  • Yakima, Washington – Partial Jewelry Store in bankruptcy
  • Spokane, Washington – Remains of Watch parts supply business
  • Boise, Idaho – Remains of Watchmaker Estate
  • Yuba City, California – Partial Pocket Watch Collection
  • Renton, Washington – Complete Watch Repair business
  • Ontario, Oregon – Partial Watchmakers Estate
  • Des Moines, Iowa – Partial Jewelry Store in storage since 1969
  • Redmond, Washington – Watch hoarders’ estate
  • Medford, Oregon – Partial Jewelry Store (thanks Rick)
  • Reedley, California – Remains of Jewelry Store (thanks Jeff)
  • Coeur d’Alene, Idaho – Watch Repair Hobbyist and Collector (thanks Stan)
  • Dallas, Oregon – Watchmaker estate (thank you Allan and may you rest in peace)
  • Santa Maria, California – Watch and Clock repair (thank you Roger)
  • Hillsboro, Oregon – Remnants of watch and clock repair shop (thank you Diane)
  • Grants Pass, Oregon – Complete Watch and Clock Repair Shop (thank you John & Patricia)
  • Fruitvale, Texas – Complete Watchmakers shop (thank you Thomas)
  • Rio Rancho, New Mexico – Remains of Watchmakers shop (thank you Robert)
  • Heppner, Oregon – Peterson Jewelers – since 1926 (thank you Randall)
  • Orilla, Ontario, Canada – Perfect Timing (thank you Rick and Aime)

This is just a sampling of the ones we’ve acquired, the list of ones we’ve helped with but not necessarily purchased is much longer.   It is also worth mentioning that these are the larger purchases; smaller purchases happen routinely and can be as small as a single random jewelry item, including scrap gold, gold fill, rolled gold plate and other precious metals, or horological item (Clock, Watch, Tool, Book, etc).  People are often surprised to learn the variety of small items we will purchase including some odd collections such as an boxes full of watch bands and straps, not to mention the number of times we just buy a single watch.  We’ve even been invited to review the remains of stores that have encountered floods and fires when the individuals or businesses were uninsured.  Nothing is too odd for us, so don’t be shy about inquiring.

As we also said on the HOME page, we usually manage about one liquidation a quarter and, when warranted, are willing to travel to review what you wish to sell. Our quarterly schedules tend to fill up pretty fast so if you’re interested in using our services please use the CONTACT US form to connect with us and we’ll get back you as soon as possible.